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Herberus : VFX and Shaders

Hi everone,

This is a special post on various things I did for my graduation project. With PopcornFx and ShaderForge, I did all the VFX, the Shader and the effect in general you can see here.

I worked with Lucie Pelletier ( ) and Fanny Debouver ( ) on this project. They made all the models and the texture of the game.

Presentation of various effects. Take a look further on all the effect, you might miss some !

Grass Shader - Shader Forge

Jordan jaminet jordan jaminet grass

Moss and Snow Shader in Unity - Shader Forge

Adapt to a direction, and control the spread of it.

Jordan jaminet vignetterock

Vertex Paint with Shader Forge. Work with Ikari Paint tool.

You can blend 3 texture, with normal and Roughness, on the channel R, G and B.

Jordan jaminet vertexvignette
Jordan jaminet 7

Update : I change a few thing on the heal as you can see !

Interraction with environnment - PopcornFx