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Sketch #10 - FireCamp with Breakdown

This is my entry to the monthly sketch on !

I wanted to work on stylized effect of a fire.

Jordan jaminet 7

This is the effect from a general view.

Jordan jaminet 1

So, for the curious, I will start a little breakdown of the effect !

Jordan jaminet 2

This is the flame alone. This is a simply texture with a dissolve effect. You can see how I proceed here :
The rate of the spawning make all the effect !

Jordan jaminet 3

Then, I add a flickered light in order to bring more life in the effect.

Jordan jaminet 5

After that, I had embers, with some with random bursting effect to add more life and less repetition on the effect.

Jordan jaminet 6

And finally, the smoke effect, with a dissolve shader as you can see on the first Gif. To had more depth on it, I colored the texture over the lifetime of the particle.